What Workshop Participants and Private Clients Are Saying...

Best Writing Workshop I Have Attended…

My last Blue Sage Writing workshop – Navigate the Power of Possibility in Memoir – was the best writing workshop I have attended over many years. Because I was one of a group of writers I have been with in previous workshops, the opening up process was early and easy. The ZOOM workshop gave me the opportunity of working on our “homework” assignments in my own home at my own desktop computer. The voluminous reference material, 80 pages in length, has become a rich and continuing resource for my newspaper column writing and for my personal writing. The various “styles” of writing formats that Linda and Lizzie had me do I am still exploring. Best of all, is the way that Linda and Lizzie have of listening into what I wrote and helping me to see how better to articulate the core of what I am wanting to say and write. So...three reasons to recommend Blue Sage Writing Workshops for other writers? (We are all writers!) The capacity that Linda and Lizzie share in being able to hear what you are trying to write about. The design of the workshop course and how it opens and supports your writing. The collaborative nature of instructor and student, of Linda and Lizzie and their embrace of each and every workshop participant.

John Bos Greenfield, Massachusetts

Linda is my writing angel…

Linda Bendorf is my writing angel! When I walked into the registration hall during the University of Iowa Summer Writing Festival, I had my usual apprehensions about sharing my writing with strangers and I was afraid of the blank page. The first person I saw before class started, my instructor Linda, greeted me like an old friend and I knew I was in the right place. In three workshops, two intensive retreats, and 1:1 coaching, Linda has now taken me far beyond my fear of the blank page and has taught me the faith of a writer-- that once you start, it comes and what comes is surprising and magical. Linda is a treasure trove of writing exercises, prompts, and feedback. She led me from left-brain analysis to right-brain imagination and taught me how to use both to breakthrough to my own creativity. Yes, truly my writing angel.

Chris Bussell Texas Hill Country

Linda made the entire project happen and I am most grateful…

When I retired from my banking career, I believed I had one good story in me. I had no experience in writing a memoir. With Linda's guidance and assistance, I wrote my memoir – The Navigator – covering seven years of my early life. Her instruction, classroom organization and direction were magnificent. My memoir is published and I am tremendously gratified by the project. Linda made the entire project happen and I am most grateful.

Jim Spellings Dallas, TX

Far and away the most hands-on helpful work I have experienced…

Linda was a fabulous workshop leader at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival. She was prepared, engaged, inspiring and helpful. The writing exercises and prompts advanced any type of writing – including my work as a columnist/journalist. I’ve been to numerous workshops over the years – generally geared toward journalists. This week was far and away the most hands-on helpful work I have experienced. And the “jumpstart” seems to be holding its charge.

Cindy L.K. Columnist in Lincoln, Nebraska

Just the refresher any writer at any level needs…

Linda's class is just the refresher any writer at any level needs. Whether you are currently working on a project, or needing a boost for your creativity, her class provides it. We discuss plenty of tips and strategies in a very relaxing atmosphere. This is the most enjoyable and worthwhile class I have taken.

Kitty S. Frontier Natural Foods, Norway, Iowa

She’s a pleasure to work with!

What a great time this project has been. I am beyond grateful for your expertise in all of this. If I haven’t told you, you are truly a gift and I appreciate deeply your care, creativity and concern with this project. I felt like you’ve loved it like your own baby!

Linda S. Illinois

She’s a pleasure to work with!

Linda is a talented, seasoned writer who has worked on product descriptions for our company website. She has a beautiful way with words, and takes enormous pride in every project! She’s a pleasure to work with!

Rebecca Schrieber, President Paper Confections Design www.paperconfections.net

Linda fed our minds and filled our hearts!

This workshop was so much more than I expected! Linda made us stretch and look at the world differently. Linda fed our minds and filled our hearts! I think everyone in the workshop reached some kind of creativity break-through. We became a cohesive, supportive group. The best way to spend a week is being with others who feel the same stir of love that draws us to put pen to paper.

Carolyn B. Macks Creek, Missouri

This stimulating workshop got me out of my slump…

I came to the workshop needing to be recharged as a writer. This stimulating workshop got me out of my slump. Linda provided many exercises to generate new work and bypass the inner critic. She provided the right environment for us to take risks in our writing. The feedback I received during our one-on-once conference and from fellow writers during workshop was constructive and valuable to my development as a writer. By week’s end I had several pieces in progress to continue working on at home. Also, Linda’s presentation on “The Creative Nudge” offered excellent tips for keeping my right brain engaged in the writing process. This was my first summer at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival…I only wish I’d discovered it sooner!

Allison S. Des Moines, Iowa

Your tips and edits are so insightful!

Linda…Your tips and edits are so insightful! Thank you so much for taking the time to do such a thoughtful, instructive edit. I've learned so much from your comments. I'll keep you posted on the piece.

Christina C. St. Paul, MN