JUST ANNOUNCED - New September Workshop

Blue Sage Writing - Fall Workshop via Zoom

Navigate the Power of Possibility in Memoir

Dates: Tuesday, September 14 - Friday, September 17, 2021
Time: Noon to 4:30 PM CENTRAL TIME ( Includes 30 min. break )
Instructors: Linda Bendorf and Elizabeth Sloan, Blue Sage Writing
Tuition: $600
How to Pay: Options will be included in your confirmation email after you register below
Enrollment: Minimum 10 Writers; Maximum 14 Writers
Register for this workshop if
  • You long to start your memoir in a safe, smart, inspiring space
  • You have completed your memoir, yet still have significant stories to share
  • You need  to recharge your memoir batteries...to re-envision your project
  • You welcome potent revision strategies
  • You’d like to learn about publishing opportunities for single essays
In the vein of less is more we’ll guide you to powerful artistic economy--word-lean, heart-rich stories stripped to their essence for greater focus and impact. We’ll have you start where it most counts, and lead you along the most direct route to stories you need to tell.  For friends and family.  For Self.  Or for a larger audience.
This workshop will have you write six pieces, one of which you’ll complete ahead of time for Day 1. The others you’ll generate in the workshop with our guidance. Each day you’ll have the option to share aloud either in large group or in breakout rooms.
Your coursepack will include 
  • Your daily schedule.
  • Writing prompts to entice you to uncover moments of consequence that ring with veracity, intrigue, and surprise.
  • Examples of insightful, memorable essays compressed to their essence by skilled writers. Every example will be 1,000 words or less.
  • Revision strategies that invite you to look objectively at your own work.
  • Publishing outlets for pieces 1,000 words or less.
You’ll see that less can indeed be more.   More manageable process.   More memorable story.   More fun all around! 

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”I took my memoir, volume one, out of my dusty drawer today and saw several post-it notes you had attached. Your comments actually brought tears to my eyes (what's happening to this old man??!!) So--a very belated Thank You. You went so far above and beyond in reading carefully and giving me just the pop of critique that now has me limbering up my typing fingers to get back to work on the other half+ of my life.”

Paul R. Timm, Ph.D., Author/Speaker/Trainer/Consultant
Professor Emeritus of Organizational Leadership & Strategy

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