Do you long to tell a personal story, or to complete a critical work project? Are you serious about wanting to write, but finding it hard to move forward? Whether you are a novice writer, a blocked writer, or an experienced writer forging ahead, our sole purpose is to motivate and guide you on the path to writing with power and grace.
As your writing coach, we will:
  • Encourage you throughout the process identify your writing strengths and areas in need of improvement
  • Help create a plan to keep you writing offer thought-provoking questions and observations on your work-in-progress
  • Offer substantive, verbal and written feedback to strengthen your writing
  • Customize writing exercises and activities to move you forward
  • Motivate you to complete compelling pieces
How does coaching work?
After an initial consultation at no charge, our fee includes a written strategic plan with specific goals; ongoing, substantive written and verbal feedback on your manuscript; and phone, email or in-person availability to answer questions, provide support and to keep you moving forward.

Let us help you with:
  • Personal Essay & other creative non-fiction
  • Memoir (single essays, chapters, or full-length manuscript)
  • Application Essay (college, graduate, or professional)
  • Vignettes
  • Short Story
  • Strategic Communication (speeches, web content, taglines, bios)
  • Features and Profiles
  • Guest Column
  • Journal Writing
  • Ethical Will
  • and more...