Advanced Memoir: Artistry, Anchors, & Beyond


   November 7 & 8, 2020 - $465.00

“... you must differentiate yourself, which means do something a little unconventional and innovative. You must do something that’s above and beyond what’s expected. And whatever you do must have an emotional impact on the receiver.Tony Hsieh

Transform your story beyond the everyday!  

Work with remarkable instructors and participants during this extraordinary two-day workshop...where inspiration meets excellence, joy, creativity and intellect. 

Workshop Highlights:

October 18 - Pre-Workshop Writing Assignment Due

Nov. 3, 4 or 5 -  Meet online "face to face" and "one-on-one" with an instructor for a 30-minute manuscript consultation and critique, and guidance to resolve your most pressing questions. 

WORKSHOP: Saturday, November 7 -  (4.5 hours) AND  Sunday, November 8 - (4-5 hours)

  • Warm-up activities
  • Application of essential memoir criteria
  • Advanced craft lessons
  • Guided generative writing to advance your memoir
  • Group sharing, constructive feedback and discussion
  • Special presentations, including: How to Organize, Track & Manage a Book-Length Manuscript

Register now for this unique writing workshop with Linda M. Bendorf, Director of Blue Sage Writing, and E.M. (Elizabeth) Sloan, Associate Director of Blue Sage Writing and author of When Songbirds Returned to Paris.

This advanced workshop is for those with a keen interest in memoir writing. Whether you've completed several chapters or a full draft of your story, this workshop will take your writing and your project to the next level. It will also give you the tools and support to complete your project once the workshop ends. 

To provide exceptional instruction and guidance, this workshop is LIMITED  to ten writers.

Wondering if this is the right level workshop for you? Send a note and we’ll sort it out! 

About Your Instructors

Linda M. Bendorf (M.A.T., J.D., University of Iowa) is Director of Blue Sage Writing and an award-winning instructor and private writing coach who inspires novices and seasoned pros alike. She has been an instructor in the renowned University of Iowa Summer Writing Festival for more than two decades. Last summer in Boulder, CO., Linda co-led the workshop, Your Legacy as Memoir: The Essence of a Life. She recently completed substantive editing of a non-fiction book for an Illinois writer.

Linda M. Bendorf (M.A.T., J.D., University of Iowa) is an award-winning instructor and private writing coach who inspires novices and seasoned pros alike. Her essays, features, and poetry have appeared in the Sun Magazine, Chicago Tribune Media Group’s TribLocal, The University of Iowa’s The Daily PaletteUSA Today, Gannett News Service Wire, Des Moines RegisterInstructorThe Iowan, Gather magazine and Poetry Cram: The Ultimate Chicago Poetry Anthology. Her essay Quest for the Rufous-Capped Warbler will appear in a forthcoming issue of Bird Watcher’s Digest Magazine.

Linda lived on the North Sea in England during her early years, then grew up in Evanston, Illinois. She and her husband, Carl, moved to Colorado’s Front Range in 2015.

E.M. (Elizabeth) Sloan, Associate Director of Blue Sage Writing, teaches The Creative Mind at the University of Idaho, poetry at Lewis-Clark State College, and leads workshops in research through attention to detail from photographs and documents. Last summer in Boulder, Co., Elizabeth co-led the workshop, Your Legacy as Memoir: The Essence of a Life. She recently coached a writer through completion of his eco-adventure novel.

Elizabeth has created a number of e-books, designed from her original one-of-a-kind print editions, combining short story elements with images. Elizabeth lives in Moscow, Idaho where she received her MFA in creative nonfiction (2008). Her memoir,When Songbirds Returned to Paris, was nominated for the American Library in Paris Book Award, as well as Award-Winning Finalist in the "Narrative Nonfiction" category of the 2016 International Book Awards.

Sloan's family memoir began from a 100-year old photograph, identified by misleading names and dates. What followed involved a four-year MFA thesis, 12 years of research, international travel, correspondence, translations, serendipitous friendships, and two publishing houses.

"With an innovative narrative structure and lively cast of characters, Elizabeth Sloan’s When Songbirds Returned to Paris weaves a powerful family history set against the backdrop of world war.  Sloan’s impressive research reminds us that with enough digging, remarkable, true stories can rise from the dead."—Buddy Levy, author of Geronimo, Conquistador, and River of Darkness.

Our July 2020 Workshop

Nationwide, meetings and education have moved quickly to online formats.  We're doing the same!


  • During this pandemic, it's a highly effective way to connect with others who can help you to meet your writing goals!
  • The proven technology we will use throughout this workshop will allow us to meet and share "face to face,"so we can hear and see one another.
  • We will be able to share documents and other visuals with you.

Your registration fee of $465 includes:

  • Two days of extraordinary instruction and inspiration
  • Experienced & passionate instructors who will guide you to creative breakthroughs and your best writing
  • Pre-workshop one-on-one conference and coaching on your manuscript & most pressing questions
  • Optional pre-workshop assignments
  • Advanced craft lessons
  • Guided generative writing to advance your memoir
  • Group sharing, constructive feedback, and discussion

To register or if you have any questions about this unique workshop, please contact us. We'd also be happy to visit about working with you individually. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sample Comments From Past Participants

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"Our workshop, Legacy as Memoir, exceeded my expectations! Incorporating visual exercises helped re-energize my creativity. Appreciated having the time to reflect and write!"

Past Workshop Participant

“I learned more than I ever imagined I could in this short time! The venue offered private work time and space for solitude and real reflection...and also time together.”

L.A., Loveland CO

“Everything about this online workshop exceeded my expectations!”

Richard P., Kansas City

“Legacy as Memoir exceeded my dreams! I often deal with inner writing demons who look for an “escape hatch” to keep me from writing. NOT AT ALL THIS TIME with Linda & Lizzie! Thank you for your commitment to us and our process!”

C.F., Louisville, CO

“Now I think about metaphor of water as one overarching theme for the variegated stories that are my life. I am “seeing” its capacity to make sense of my journey. A journey from dark to light, from cold to warm, from fear to gratitude and a whole lot of other ‘froms.’ Now it’s my turn on stage to express myself in so many ways. And I’m loving it.”

John B., Shelburne Falls, MA